Bucatini Shortage?

Bucatini Shortage?

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by Jessie Evans


A couple of months ago, news broke out that there was a bucatini shortage!


What!? Bucatini?! This pandemic year brought lots of shortages (Clorax wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper) but I was never expecting a headline warning about the shortage of bucatini.


Lucky for all of us, Orso has added this fresh pasta shape as of one their selections on menu, but this shortage warning got me thinking.




Orso's fresh Bucatini is a type of pasta that's shaped like a long, narrow tube, resembling thick, hollow spaghetti.  Fresh bucatini is traditionally paired with Cacio e Pepe or Ragu Bolognese, but these hollow, beautifully textured, golden strands will make themselves...Read More


When something is taken away, or unavailable because of high demand, it makes it all the more desirable. But if I have learned anything from this last year, it is to appreciate everything that we take for granted. Both the random tangible things and the priceless heartfelt moments.


Here are some things I had never put a second thought about, but now hold dear to my heart.


Toilet Paper

Yes… sorry I had to go there. But I feel like that object is where it all began, more in demand than the Furby at Christmas Time in 2012.


Hugs/Physical Touch

This pandemic brought such a scary tension of being around people, even loved ones. It took 3 months of quarantine and 2 negative Covid tests before I felt comfortable hugging my parents. (And the minute I did I sobbed. Never taking THAT for granted!)

Spontaneous Plans

Yes, I may have 500 things on my to do list, but I love to live in the moment and say YES to spontaneous moments with friends. “Free for a last minute dinner tonight?” Yes! “I’m in the neighborhood, want to grab coffee?” Yes! Unfortunately, this last year if I wanted to see someone, it would take 2 weeks of cautious planning.



This wasn’t taken away necessarily, but definitely used this last year: food (thank you Orso), online shopping, groceries. That being said, I am very aware how lucky I am to have been able to do this and grateful to those making drop offs and drives. Who would have ever thought the highlight of my day would be waiting all day for a fresh pasta delivery to arrive at the door.



Very grateful!


Quality Time

One of the reasons I started a food blog (besides loving to eat) is because of the shared moments food brings with loved ones. I can’t wait to bring back these moments! Maybe with a bowl of Bucatini with Cacio e Pepe!

Jessie Eats (Jessie Evans) is an LA based food blogger. As an actor, food host, and video producer she entertains across all platforms through the lens of food. Jessie has a passion for sharing her eating adventures, stories about the food community, insights into hidden food hacks, and of course favorite foodie finds (like Orso Pasta!) You can check out her work on at jessieeats.com or on her instagram @jessie_eats.  

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