Date Night "Recipe": The Perfect Last Minute Valentine’s Day

Date Night "Recipe": The Perfect Last Minute Valentine’s Day

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by Jessie Evans

The other night I stumbled by chance into creating the perfect evening to share with a loved one.  After going back and forth looking at takeout options, the end of the week emptiness of my fridge, and my indecisiveness of what I was in the mood for, I remembered the gift I had given myself: Orso's Fresh Pasta & Bolognese Sauce in my freezer! (Thank you past Jessie for always thinking ahead.)


With pasta plans set for the evening, the elements of a last-minute spontaneous date night fell into place, creating a recipe I couldn’t wait to share. And what’s a better time to celebrate this date night combination than this weekend for Valentine’s Day.


Ingredients to help you plan ahead, so you don’t have to scramble last minute like I did:


Setting the Mood

Whether I am having a dinner party with a group of friends, my boyfriend, or even treating myself to a fabulous home cooked dinner, I love to set the mood. Candles lit, Sam Cooke streaming on my speakers, and glass of wine in hand. It’s like an athlete getting their head into the game, except more fun.


The Meal

Like I mentioned before, one of my greatest skills is unknowingly setting my future self up to enjoy incredible meals. Without thinking I had prepared a restaurant quality meal that took 10 minutes to make just by ordering ahead!


There is something so special about Orso Bolognese! Rich, full of flavor, comforting, sweeps you off your feet… Ok maybe I went too far on the last description, but this is Valentine’s after all and food brings so much love! My suggestion is to go with the Bolognese for Two with Tagliatelle (basically fettuccine, but with a toothier bite) for the main event. And maybe a light starter like a caprese salad (or turn it into a crostini) to stay on that Italian theme. Also pair with a full body red wine and your taste buds will be swooning.


The Company

This might be the most important ingredient, especially when it is Valentine’s Day. One thing I will say, is that there are so many variations to make this ingredient special: a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, even self love!


The Dessert

The best part about sweets is that you honestly can’t go wrong. Whether it’s chocolates or pastries, it’s a special post meal treat to keep the evening going. (Truthfully, my original evening that inspired this date night recipe included Haribo Twin Snakes gummies and I was incredibly happy!)


We all have these ideas of what a perfect date night is or what Valentine’s Day should be. But sometimes we have all of the components right under our nose. Plus, the best thing about this recipe is that it isn’t a one night special, it’s something we can recreate over and over again!

Date Night Recipe: The Perfect Last Minute Valentines Day

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