Orso's Saffron Turmeric Buttersauce is infused with saffron, turmeric, sumac, and aged parmesan. A richly complex compound butter sauce that can be delivered right to your home.
Saffron Turmeric Butter Sauce perfectly coating our fresh lumache. Look at that glossy finish! All it takes is 5 minutes and a splash of pasta water.

Saffron Turmeric Butter Sauce

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Orso's Saffron Turmeric Butter Sauce is California's answer to the traditional Cacio e Pepe. Earthy, balanced, rich, and elegant - it is the definition of elevated comfort food.


Traditional Pairing: Cavatelli

How We Serve It at the Orso Popup in LA: Campanelle

Underrated Pairing: Tagliatelle

Wrong Answers: None.



Ingredients & Allergy Information 

Butter, Pecorino Romano, Saffron, Sumac, White Pepper, Salt

Allergy/Restrictions: Dairy

*Gluten Free