Orso in a nutshell...
or a pasta bowl.

Our Story

Once upon a time, Orso was going to be a regular old restaurant... Then the entire world changed.

When the pandemic stripped away everything that we take for granted as chefs and hospitality workers, it forced me to think about why I ever wanted to cook in the first place, and what I was really hoping to achieve with opening a restaurant.

When you remove the extravagant interiors, perfect lighting, uniforms, plating, and music... what are you left with? What are you doing it for? For me the answer has been clear. I like to take care of people, often to a fault. As restaurant people, it's in our DNA.

This made Orso's mission extremely clear: to provide some genuine comfort in an extremely uncomfortable time. In a moment where you couldn't escape into the outside world, we could still bring one of the best parts of it to you.

When we drop off our fresh pasta and gourmet sauces at your door, we make it so you are five minutes away from a meal that's been made for you with an extraordinary amount of love, care, and craft. Then it's finished and plated by you, in your home, for your family.

Everyone involved loves everyone involved.

There's something simple and pure about that experience, that honestly we can get distracted from when we're surrounded by the bells and whistles of busy high end restaurants. 

Nothing against regular old restaurants, but it just so happens that I love bringing fresh handmade pasta and beautiful sauces that simmer all day directly into your homes more than I ever thought was possible...and so the team here is firing on all cylinders and has no intention of stopping.

Orso will be at your tables no matter what kind of crazy is going on in the world.

So with that being said, stay well, and keep eating pasta.


Chef & Chief Delivery Boy

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