Orso is Taking a Break from Shipping & Delivery

To the Wonderful Orso Family,


It's with a heavy heart that I'm writing you to say that June 16th will be the last day for a while that we ship & deliver our pastas and sauces across the country. When I started Orso out of a tiny back house in the middle of Silverlake last March, the world was in a very different place than it is today. Restaurants, as well as every other piece of our daily lives had been turned on its head, and the things we didn't know far outweighed the things that we did (remember the days of wiping down amazon packages?)

I don't need to tell you guys about what life was like in the early days of the pandemic. You lived through it too. But what I can say is that the thing that drove me to pick up a rolling pin and take to the empty streets of LA was a feeling that our community was hurting, and needed comfort. Providing elevated, quality comfort food and unique experiences made with love will always be at the center of what we do at Orso. As restaurant people, it's in our DNA.

With a vaccine that came faster than we ever thought possible, and a year at home that felt like ten - the world beat the odds and has found a way to safely gather again. With that change, comes a change in the needs of the people we are here to serve. This has been an incredibly tough decision for me and the entire team here, but it seems that the best way we can continue to bring joy and comfort by way of pasta is to be out there in person with you guys! While we would love to do both, the reality is we're still a tiny baby company, and we don't yet have the staff or the resources to serve Los Angeles live in person, and still ship everything through the interweb. So we made the choice to double down on our popups (every weekend at Employees Only in West Hollywood - come say hi!) and will hopefully come back to shipping when time and resources allow.

If you made it to the bottom of this email, you really are family, and we love you! If you're in LA, you can see us every weekend at Employees Only. It has been such a joy seeing everyone out there and we have some really fun and exciting stuff planned for the popups in the next few weeks. If you don't live in LA, we still have the entire month of June! Plus there's zoom classes, traveling popups, you name it... 

Don't be a stranger. If you're in LA, we'll see you in person very soon! If you aren't please, please, write to us, or keep in touch through our instagram. I love hearing from you all, and have made some pretty incredible friends through the crazy business of making and delivering pasta. I very much expect that trend to continue.

Stock up your freezers friends! We've still got a few weeks of fresh pasta goodness ahead of us.


Lots of love,