Orso's Fresh Cavatelli Pasta Delivered Nation Wide
Fresh Cavatelli Pasta Delivered to your door. The secret ingredient in this recipe is time and love... simple as that. A well worn gnocchi board doesn't hurt either.
Fresh Cavatelli Pasta Recipe in Action. Semolina Flour and Water, Mixed and Formed to Perfection, Then Delivered to Your Home.
Fresh Pasta Delivered: Cavatelli Recipe in Action. A lot of love, time, and thumb pressing went into this beautiful pile.


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Orso's Cavatelli are tiny ridged dumplings of fresh pasta, made using the classic eggless semolina dough of Southern Italy. That means, in addition to being texturally sublime, with a one of a kind bounciness and chew reminiscent of gnocchi, our cavatelli also happen to be vegan.

Our vegan Arrabbiata is a natural pairing for this pasta, though pairings with Cacio e Pepe and Apricot Chicken Ragu have become cult classics among the die hards in the Orso family.


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